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Beer Factory


ATRA Agricultural Products is established in 2010 to serve unique and high-quality oils.

We started with local products which raw materials are farmed where our company is based.

The story behind our work is quite old.

ATRA Agricultural products is owned by the third generation oil producing family. Our entire staff love and feel passionate about products that we offer and all are dedicated to excellence when serving our customers.


We have invested in our industry in 2015 by adding state of the art machines and filtering equipments to serve you the high-quality products and we eagerly seek for new developments in the industry.



Antakya TSO-Logo.jpg

We actively hold membership of Antakya Chamber of Commerce since 2010.  

Member No: 16206 


Antakya Chamber of Exchange

All of our chemical analysis are done by their state of the art equipment. 

The chamber is accredited by government instituions and ISO 9001:2008 KYS


Mediterranean Exporters Union is one of the most reputable instution for exporters in Turkey.   

Member No: 3/27492


Atra Agricultural Products is registered to FDAs VCRP program. 

Registration No: 1007566

Organik Turk.JPG

The Laurel Berry Oil is now certified by ECOCERT SA. We have set the standarts of Organic certification regulations in our warehouse. 

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