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We knew that we would be the leading supplier one day when we started processing Laurel Berry Oil in 2010. We now export Laurel Berry Oil to over 50 countries and became the preferred supplier of many thankful customer. 

Laurel Berry Oil is an underutilized product that harvested and made in few coastal villages of Hatay, Turkey where our company is located. Therefore, we beleive that manufacturing, processing, trading and using this product supports rural development here in Turkey.  

We always add values to our work to become the best and still doing so.

Filtration of Laurel Berry Oil is a really ''hard'' to do process due to the complexity of the oil's texture but we started filtering years ago. Please note that we are the only supplier available with such service. 

Our company holds memberships of chambers and exporter unions. We are also registered to FDA's VCR Program.

We love being the primary. We also fullfilled rules and regulations of Organic certification in 2018 to offer not only conventional but Organic Certified Laurel Berry Oil.

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Quality Assurance

We visually check each batch of oil and analyze for chemical composition. Oil is taken to filtration phase of the process if analysis and visual check meets our quality standards. 

Oil is sensitively filtered and packed with electromagnetic induction to avoid leakage and sustain freshness. *(available in small packages)  

We make sure that you receive fresh, filtered Laurel Berry Oil.  We set and apply the organic production standards of ECOCERT in our facility. 

Customer Service

Customer service is done under the supervision of the owner of the Atra Agricultural Products. We assist our customers in various subjects such as purchasing, shipping, customs and even troubleshooting while making the end product. We are dedicated to our customer even after business hours as well. 


Forklift Delivery

5 Kg*

11 lbs

25 Kg**

50 Kg

55 lbs

110 lbs

Minimum Order Quantity

*Conventional Laurel Berry Oil is 5kg

**Organic Laurel Berry Oil is 25kg

130 Kg

286 lbs

185 kg

407 lbs

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